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Modern Learning Lab

Dates: February 2 through February 16, 2018 AND July 9 through July 20, 2018

Member School Participant: $300; Non-member School Participant: $400


As the landscape of teaching and learning has changed, so have our roles as teachers and school leaders. What is the role of teachers and students in modern learning? Through an interactive two week online course, participants will explore more deeply innovations in learning that place students at the center of their own learning. The course will also consider implications around the use of technology to support students as they learn at their own pace, and learn beyond traditional school walls. Participants will reflect deeply on the role that school design might play at their schools as they seek to create, establish, and sustain modern schools for modern learners. In this new GOA course, the Modern Learning Lab, we will explore how teachers and school leaders can help our students become modern learners in modern classrooms and schools. 

In Week 1 of the Modern Learning Lab, we will explore exemplars of modern learning classrooms from around the world, showcasing teaching and learning practices that foster student agency. Participants will connect and share with one another sharing how their own schools are creating modern learning experiences for both students and faculty. In Week 2, we will head into a collaborative group project where participants will build a modern learning design that is relevant and meaningful to their own practice. Using GOA’s student competencies and Catalyst Card strategies, participants will design student and/or teacher learning experiences that embrace the modern learning elements.

All participants will receive GOA’s Modern Learning Lab Toolkit. The Toolkit contains the tools and resources to support you in the design of student and teacher experiences that promote modern learning design. The course will be facilitated by GOA staff and learning design coaches, experts in instructional design, student-led learning, and professional growth. This course is primarily asynchronous, with one optional, recorded synchronous activity. The course is two weeks long and we estimate about two hours of work per week.


This course is both for classroom teachers designing student experiences and faculty leaders designing collaborative experiences for adults.

Want to register a small team of 3 or more? We encourage schools to register small teams of at least three to five faculty. We find that working as a school team helps to make the professional learning be impactful and stick. If you’re interested in registering a small team, please email our Director of Professional Learning, Bonnie Lathram at bonnie@globalonlineacademy.org. The first 5 schools to register small teams will receive a coached session from a Learning Design Coach following the course.


Coaching Innovation

Dates: June 18 through June 29, 2018

Member School Participant: $300; Non-member School Participant: $400


Coaching is one of the most effective forms of professional growth for educators. In this course, participants will discover the power of instructional coaching framed by a relationship-based approach, explore different coaching models that allow for time and space to be redefined, and create a personalized coaching project relevant to their own work.

In the Week 1 Seminar, participants will explore why coaching is meaningful and create a coaching credo. Participants will then dive into several strands of coaching content more deeply with a focus on developing coaching stances, listening authentically, having better conversations, questioning that welcomes others to share, and creating online spaces for coaching.

In Week 2, participants will be ready to design a coaching project. With the support of a GOA learning design coach participants will create a relevant response to this question: How can elements of relationship-based coaching inform my work right now? Participants will leave with skills needed to become a more effective faculty leader and peer.

This course is primarily asynchronous, with one optional, recorded synchronous activity.


This course is for educators in any position at a school where faculty mentoring and leadership are part of your work (such as instructional coaches, department chairs, tech integrationists, and professional learning leaders).

Learn more about our Coaching Innovation course.


Learning Now, a one week long professional learning pop-up course

Dates: February 26 through March 2, 2018

Member School Participant: Free; Non-member School Participant: $150


What do we know now about learning that demands we change what we do in schools? In this one week pop-up course, we’ll explore the science of learning across a diverse array of fields, both inside the education sector and outside of it, that are impacting how we are learning now.

Participants will dive into ideas about how we learn from multiple perspectives, explore curated materials, and learn from a panel of experts from the fields of learning science, social and emotional learning, and learning design about what is new in learning now – and what learning may look like in the future.

Participants will explore the latest research and ideas about the ways we learn now and evaluate how this new knowledge might strengthen approaches to the design of learning experiences in classrooms and schools. There will also be unique ways to connect with and learn from colleagues from other schools.


This course is open to all educators.

Learn more on our pop-up course home page.


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Don’t see what you need? We work with schools and learning organizations to provide professional learning aligned to the school or organization’s vision and mission. Interested? Send us a note titled “professional learning” to hello@globalonlineacademy.org and we will respond right away.