Become a Member School

Membership in GOA is living proof that your school is exploring the evolution of education. We’re a respected source of cutting-edge instructional design; visionary, revitalizing professional development; and innovative hands-on coursework for students and faculty at renowned peer schools. When you join GOA, you align yourself with people, programs, and resources that advance your mission and enhance your competitive standing.

As a consortium of schools we offer access to:

  1. 40+ courses taught by over 70 educators who work at our member schools.
  2. Flex Courses that teachers can embed in their on-campus classrooms to bring important and timely topics as well as a globally networked learning experience to their students who are not enrolled in a GOA course.
  3. Pop-Up Courses for educators on campus to learn with networked peers about relevant topics that directly impact their day to day work.
  4. Thought Leadership – As a learning community our lab school for students allows us to test ideas and learn from them. Our blog highlights what we’re learning, what we know works, and ways for schools and teachers to apply it to their work.
  5. Professional Learning for the whole school. Whether it’s through a class, or a customized learning experience, our goal is to be a catalyst and partner to learn modern learning throughout schools.

Sounds amazing but you’re not ready to join? Reach out anyway as most of our programming is available to non-member schools as well.

Sounds like a great fit? Read below to learn how to join.

How does a school join?

  1. Contact us by filling out this form and we’ll reach out to set up a call.
  2. Submit a letter of interest: We’re looking for alignment between our program and your school. We are a partner with, not a course provider to, our member schools. So, whether it’s the alignment between our mission and yours, our strategic plans or schools’ visions, we want to know what the connection is between our program and your school. The letter of interest should speak to that.

Want to talk about our work? Just email us at