About GOA

Independent schools have set a high standard for learning – one that’s not always met by the online learning offerings on the market today. Global Online Academy was started by 10 leading independent schools from around the world to address this gap. These leaders gathered together to talk about what kind of online learning would be right for their communities, and how they might be able to share resources and ideas to create a kind of online learning that was global, modern, yet true to the high standards and values their institutions and teachers adhere to.

Together, they started Global Online Academy with the goal of bringing the benefits of online learning to their teachers and students and preparing students for a global future. With the guidance of other leaders in the fields of education and online learning, these schools collaborated in creating our structure, guidelines, and curriculum. We maintain excellence through rigorous teacher training, building on the best practices and values of the best independent schools.

2016-17 Global Online Academy School Profile


“ I think GOA is a major paradigm-shifting vehicle for bringing the highest form of teaching and learning to an online forum. You have literally changed the landscape. ”
Michelle Harris - Hawken School
“ My Global Health course influenced me so much that I am now seriously considering following a pre-med route. ”
Student - Branson School
“ We are excited that our teachers who design and teach GOA courses will gain important professional development in the best uses of educational technology ”
Stephanie Lipkowitz - Albuquerque Academy