GOA teachers are supported by our exceptional staff and faculty, including five full time instructional designers, helping them to take their great teaching online.

GOA Staff
Lucas Ames
Instructional Designer and Technology Strategist

Educator and coach. Full-time husband/father. Part-time data wrangler and programmer. Spare-time runner and traveler. Believes in using technology to solve problems and automate workflows. Loves APIs.

Jason Cummings
Instructional Designer and Faculty Experience Coordinator

Faculty coach, reader, thinker, father. Aging athlete, pancake-maker in chief.  Music aficionado. Recovering language teacher, department chair, and global ed director.

Kristin Daniel
Instructional Designer and Professional Learning Experience Coordinator

Ed. D. Professional learning architect. Designer of collaborative learning experiences. Former teacher from Washington, D.C. Voracious learner. Dessert baker, espresso addict, and current PNW’er. Mom to sweet, little baby boy and old, lovable rescue dog. Partner and life-long friend.

Susan Fine
Instructional Designer

Teacher cheerleader and coach. Product of Berkeley. Critical, curious thinker. Outward Bound alum. Language lover. Design and typography nut. English teacher always. Podcast enthusiast. Cello celebrator/kitten mother. Chef. Loyal friend. Reluctant exerciser.

Emily Hamlin
Instructional Designer and Student Experience Coordinator

Educator. Designer. Coach. Artist. Former medium: clay. Current medium: relationships. Board game, craft beer, and pineapple junkie. New Jersey native (easy…) and expat living in Costa Rica.


Eric Hudson
Director of Teaching & Learning

GOA Student Program Leader. Speaker. Writer. Designer. New England farmboy. Former teacher of language and literature. Believer in empathy, pedagogy, and technology (in that order). Wrangler of Roxanne the pitbull. Tennis obsessive. Eater (not foodie).

Bonnie Lathram
Director of Professional Learning and Strategic Partnerships

Coach and educator. Instructor in 1:1 classrooms since ’06. Bicentennial baby. Rescue pitbull lover. School design coach. Writer and published author. Facilitator and public speaker. Best job ever: Mama to Poppy and Van.



Michael Nachbar
Executive Director

GOA Founder. Strategist and visionary. Former middle and high school teacher. Father. Husband. TFA corps member. Two-legged walking partner to Yukon the lab. NYC pizza lover. Keynoter. Builder. New Year’s baby.

Robin Pinné
Administrative Assistant

The grease in the machine. Team supporter/chief cat herder. Lover of mountains. Meeting logistics queen. SIS/LMS/CRM system support. Ski fanatic. Assistant accountant. Mom to 2 energetic teen boys.

GOA Board of Directors
Andrew Watson
Finance Committee Chair

Now in his eleventh year as Head of Albuquerque Academy, Andrew previously spent a decade each at Fountain Valley School and The Potomac School.   “GOA distinguishes itself through the quality and intentionality of its instruction, created by the strength of the GOA schools, and the very thoughtful planning and professional development pumped into all of the courses.  The results are spectacular.”

Bernie Noe
Expansion & Strategy Committee Chair

Bernie is Head of Lakeside School in Seattle, Washington. He currently serves on the board of directors of the National Association of Independent Schools.

Jim Best
Mission & Governance Committee Chair

Jim is the Associate Head of School at The Dalton School in New York City. Prior to assuming that role, Jim spent over a decade as a teacher, advisor, coach, Dean and Division Director in independent schools in The United States and abroad.

Dana Okeson Weeks

Dana is the Head of School at Germantown Friends School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Prior to joining GFS, she spent more than 23 years as a teacher and administrator at Brooklyn’s St. Ann’s School.

Emily McCarren
Board Vice Chair

Emily McCarren is the Academy Principal at the Punahou School. Her dissertation research examines the role of teacher care on a student’s online learning experience.  She taught a Spanish course and a PD course in the inaugural year of the Global Online Academy and is fascinated by the potential of online learning to increase access to personalized learning, strengthen global communities and improve equity in education.

Mark Milliron

Mark is the co-founder and chief learning officer at civitas learning. He is an innovator, leader, speaker, author, and catalyst in the K-12, Higher Education, and Workforce Education worlds.  “Giving students early online experiences simply prepares them for the vibrant array of learning options they are likely to experience in higher education and throughout their careers.  It affords them the opportunity to use these tools to have expanded learning options today that are not limited by time or place.”

John Austin
Board Chair

As headmaster of King’s Academy in Jordan, John combines his scholarly grounding in literature and philosophy with a keen interest in shaping the future of education.

Tim Bazemore

Tim joins Catlin Gabel School in Portland, Oregon as the Head of School in Summer 2014. Tim has served on numerous boards and committees in the Northeast and joins Catlin Gabel from New Canaan Country School in New Canaan, CT, where he was head of school.

Richard Shaw

Richard H. Shaw began his tenure as Stanford’s dean of admission and financial aid as of September 1, 2005. Dean Shaw led Yale’s undergraduate admissions and financial aid office from 1993–2005,  as director of admissions at the University of Michigan from 1988 to 1993, associate director of admissions and records at the University of California-Berkeley from 1983 to 1988 , and in various admission and residence positions at the University of Colorado-Boulder from 1972 to 1981.

He is a member of, and has served in leadership positions for, several national admission groups, including the College Board, American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers, Consortium on Financing Higher Education and National Association of College Admissions Counselors.

Crystal Land

Crystal M. Land is a passionate educator who believes that student-centered learning transforms lives. She has enjoyed over 25 years in academic leadership as an English teacher, educational consultant, senior administrator, and Assistant Head of School. Since joining Head-Royce in 1989, Crystal has focused her attention on creating learning environments where students and professionals can thrive personally and academically. Crystal holds a B.A. from the University of California, Berkeley, an M.A. in Education from Stanford University, and an M.A. in English from Middlebury College. She currently resides in Oakland with her husband, Will Miller, and their dog, Riley. They have two children, Zach ’09 and Haley ’14, both Head-Royce alumni.

Tim Carr

Tim is Head of School at Jakarta Intercultural School in Jakarta, Indonesia. Over the past twenty years, Tim and has family have had the good fortune to have lived and worked in six different countries on four different continents.

Bambi Betts

Bambi has worked in the international education world for over three decades. She is currently the Director of the Principals’ Training Center for International School Leadership (PTC), a non-profit organization dedicated to providing professional development programs for international educators around the world. Bambi has served as a school head, principal and teacher in international schools in several countries and has been a consultant in over 150 international schools, conducting professional development sessions on a wide range of topics. She serves on the governing board of three international schools, is a founding member of the Academy for Int’l School Heads (AISH) and is the president of the Overseas Schools Assistance Corporation (OSAC), a non-profit which offers a newspaper- The International Educator (TIE) – and recruitment services to international schools.