Learning Design Coaches

GOA is excited to announce our new program of master educators and professional learning leaders: the Learning Design Coaches Cohort. Learning Design Coaches (LDCs) are experts in designing, building, and leading modern learning experiences for students and faculty at their schools and in the wider education community.

The cohort is made up of seventeen Learning Design Coaches, each of whom has demonstrated a commitment to excellent teaching and learning in the classroom, the school, and the professional learning community. LDCs work in both our professional learning and student program, supporting educators to design learning experiences based on GOA’s Core Competencies and Catalyst Strategies, supporting them in teaching and learning with purpose.


Announcing the Learning Design Coaches COhort

Why did GOA create the Learning Design Coaches Cohort?

Over the years, GOA has been fortunate to work with an inspiring group of educators. Learning Design Coaches (LDCs) will collaborate with GOA staff and one another to create new solutions, ideas, and designs to support faculty in meeting modern learning challenges.

The Learning Design Coaches were chosen because they are:

  • Educators, creating modern learning experiences for K-12 students which embed GOA’s Student Core Competencies.
  • Instructional Designers, providing high quality support to newer teachers.
  • Coaches, helping support and cultivate the growth of other teachers and education leaders.
  • Professional Learning Leaders, advocating for modern learning environments and expanding small pockets of innovation on school campuses into larger school-wide initiatives.

What role does the Learning Design Coaches Cohort play at GOA?

Learning Design Coaches provide coached, collaborative, and connected professional learning at GOA by:

  • Leading professional learning initiatives between and among schools as a GOA vision ambassador.
  • Serving as advocates and experts in modern learning design based on GOA’s Student Competencies and Catalyst Card strategies.
  • Designing and facilitating GOA professional learning workshops, courses, and events.
  • Supporting and coaching faculty who teach in our student program.
  • Increasing their coaching and leadership skills, thus growing a network of GOA coaches and school leaders.

Meet the Inaugural 2017-2018 Learning Design Coaches Cohort

profile picture - Ayako Anderson

Ayako Anderson, Japanese teacher, Academic Technology Specialist, Noble & Greenough School

Ayako joined GOA in 2012. She is a native speaker of Japanese and a lifelong language learner (of English, also a bit of French and Chinese). Her newest ‘language’ is C clef (viola), and the next goal is Python (coding). She enjoys blending her creative mind, cultural insights, expertise in technology, and organizational skills into teaching, curriculum designing, and in her hobby of oil painting. Language, painting, musical instrument, and coding all have common meaning to her: execution, communication and self expression. Follow Ayako @AKA02493.





Tina Bessias, English Teacher and Blended Learning Coach, Durham Academy

As a classroom teacher, an online teacher, and a blended learning coach, Tina counts herself fortunate to have one foot each in the physical and digital learning spheres. She has been teaching English at Durham Academy in Durham, North Carolina, for 22 years. She enjoys working with DA colleagues to help them clarify goals, try new designs for lessons and projects, and expand their repertoire of tech tools and assessment options. Since joining GOA in 2014, Tina has designed and taught multiple online courses. She’s always wondering what’s next in education and how new structures can be created to support learning. When she needs a respite from the virtual buzz of education, she surrounds herself with the literal buzz of honeybees in her backyard. She and her husband tend four beehives. Follow Tina @tbessias





David Boxer NMC Bio and Headshot B&W - David Boxer

David Boxer, Director of Information Support Services, The Blake School

David Boxer has more than seventeen years of experience in the educational technology field, including service as a classroom teacher and curriculum development. He serves as the Director of Information Support Services at The Blake School in Minneapolis, MN. He is a professional learning design coach for Global Online Academy’s professional learning team focused on implementing online and a blended pedagogy. He came to realize from an early age, which was fortified by his experience in schools that the most important work we do as educators is not only to foster curiosity, resilience, intellect, and empathy but also to develop relationships that bond our community. Boxer adores time on the bike trails, city lakes, canoeing with his son, Hugo (age 8) and climbing monkey bars with his daughter, Olympia (age 4). Follow David @deboxer.




JennyCP - Jennifer Carlson-Pietraszek

Jennifer Carlson-Pietraszek, History/Social Sciences Teacher and Academic Technology Specialist, Noble & Greenough School

Jennifer is a lifelong learner and educator. When she is not working to create effective, creative, fun learning experiences for myself and others, she can be found playing with her family, enjoying the great outdoors, and laughing with friends.







Prof Pic - Jamey Everett

Jamey Everett, Technology Integrator, Park Tudor School

As a technology integrator and instructional coach, Jamey takes a highly personalized approach when designing learning experiences with teachers. Her goal is to understand the teacher’s instructional aspirations and frustrations, then support the teacher in exploring new learning objectives that are specifically tailored to her or his needs. Her passion for problem-based, real-world learning has grown out of 14 years in education, as a fifth grade teacher, an academic technology specialist, and an advocate for design thinking in the classroom. In her spare time, Jamey loves gardening, taking care of her four chickens and playing with her chocolate Labrador. She lives in Indianapolis with her spouse and two kiddos. Follow Jamey @jeverettPT.





jessica gould profile pic - Jessica Gould

Jessica Gould, Science Teacher, American School in Japan

In addition to teaching Bioethics for GOA, Jessica is a science teacher at the American School in Japan located in the Western suburbs of Tokyo. She started her career in education working for the NYC Department of Education first as a Project Manager helping schools use assessment data to improve their instructional programs and then as a teacher and data specialist at an early college high school. A lifelong “school addict” herself (as evidenced by the number of years in grad school in her 20s), Jessica is always looking for ways to make it a more fulfilling place for both other teachers and students alike.





Becky Green - Becky Green

Becky Green, Teacher: Literacy Support/ English, Singapore American School

Learner, educator, illustrator, writer, and entrepreneur, Becky Green is a teacher by day and doodler by night. She cares deeply about the magic that happens when words and images are paired to create meaning and infuses her English and social studies classrooms at both the Singapore American School and GOA with opportunities to write, draw, create, and play. Becky’s career in education and the creative arts has spanned three continents and two decades and is inspired by her students, her travels, and her local libraries. She stays up on current edtech trends from her author/technology coordinator husband and from her robot-design-Lego-comic-Minecraft loving son. Becky is the author of The Conference Companion: Sketchnotes, Doodles, and Creative Play for Teaching and Learning. Follow Becky at @onegreenbee and @doodle2learn.





Megan Haddadi, Head of Academic Technology, The Park School

Megan Haddadi has spent the past fourteen years working in technology in independent schools. She currently serves as the Head of Academic Technology at The Park School in Brookline, MA.  Before joining Park she worked at the Buckingham Browne & Nichols School in Cambridge, MA and the King & Low-Heywood Thomas School in Stamford, CT. Megan received her Bachelors in Computer Science from Bryn Mawr College and her Masters in Technology in Education from Lesley University. She is currently pursuing a Certificate in Advanced Education Leadership from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Megan is also a former member of the Scratch Team in the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab. Follow Megan @meganhaddadi.





Treavor Kendall, Upper School Science Department Chair, Greenhill School

Originally born in Colorado, Treavor has lived all over the United States, including Austin, Missoula, Virginia, Boston, South Carolina, Portland (OR), California…all by design. He loves to explore and is an unabashed learner with an intense curiosity, particularly about the physical world. Treavor earned a BS in Geoscience at University of Texas, a MS in Geochemistry from University of Montana, a PhD in Biogeochemistry from Virginia Tech, completed a postdoc at Harvard and has held faculty positions at Clemson University, Oregon Health and Science University, and The Menlo School. Treavor is also a dad and an optimist, with the intent and hope that my son will inherit a peaceful, tolerant world with its natural treasures intact. He believes a critical step for making this possible is innovative education.





Lavallee, Adam

Adam Lavallee, Mathematics and Economics Teacher, Episcopal Academy

Adam Lavallee teaches Mathematics and Economics at Episcopal Academy in Newtown Square, PA. Adam holds a PhD in Economics from Temple University and undergraduate Mathematics degree from Hamilton College. His interests and research include analytics, behavioral economics, sports, the labor force, and personal finance. He has presented at the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Annual Meeting, Pennsylvania Association of Independent Schools Biennial Conference, and Online Education Symposium for Independent Schools Conference. Follow Adam @adamlavallee.





LinaSamawiLina Samawi, Class Dean, Program Director, Faculty, King’s Academy

Lina Samawi – Marhaba! Lina works at King’s Academy, a boarding high school in Madaba, Jordan, as a freshman class dean, an Arabic teacher and a director of the Arabic Year program. Teaching is a way of living for her, and Lina appreciates being part of her students’ journeys. Lina enjoys the little things in life, such as a good cup of tea, as well as exploring bigger things such as traveling around the world. Lina is passionate about coming up with new projects and ideas. Lina is currently working on a children’s storytelling project on YouTube, and enjoying the process and the making of it. Follow Lina @LinaSamawi.





Stapel Headshot - Chris Stapel

Chris Stapel, Instructor, Global Online Academy

For the past fifteen years, Chris has taught math, statistics, and sociology to students in public and independent middle schools, high schools, and universities. Chris is a digital nomad who curates and facilitates online courses for Duke Talent Identification Program, Northwestern Center for Talent Development, Harvard Graduate of Education Certificate in Advanced Education Leadership, the Minnesota and California state college and university systems, and Global Online Academy. 






Carmen Taylor, Math and Computer Science Teacher, Park Tudor School

Carmen earned her PhD and started her career at the University of California in Berkeley and San Francisco, researching medical imaging techniques, but has since exchanged the life of a researcher for the life of a teacher. Her favorite part about teaching in independent schools is the community they engender. In addition to her work at Park Tudor, Carmen teaches Multivariable Calculus at GOA. She feels it is not enough to be technically proficient: technical proficiency is useful only when it is used to solve problems that are important in a larger context, such as a community. When she is not doing math or science, Dr Taylor likes to hike, spend time with her two sons and husband, and grow native plants.






Mila Tewell, History and Economics Teacher, The Dalton School

In addition to teaching Energy and planning a 2019 course Climate Change and Global Inequality for GOA, Mila teaches a blended class on Economics at Dalton Guided by GOA, she has embraced online learning in recent years, with the unbridled enthusiasm of a convert. Mila and her family have lived life ‘on the road,’ most recently in New York City, with four years in Hong Kong in the 1990s, and eight years in San Francisco after that. When not in school, Mila lives with her husband in upstate New York, where she rides horses, plays with her family’s dogs, and happily hosts children, grandchildren, and friends from around the world.






Bill TBill Tolley, Educator, International School of Estonia

Bill Tolley teaches IB & MYP History and Social Studies at the International School of Estonia with a focus on project-based learning, blended learning, and social justice education. His teaching career has taken him from East Harlem, NYC to South Korea, India, Thailand, Brazil and China where he has variously taught Global Studies, Model United Nations, AP World History, History of the Americas, Global Politics and, for GOA,  Gender Studies.






Matt WestmanMatt Westman, US Liaison Officer, King’s Academy

Matt Westman is the US Liaison Officer for King’s Academy. Prior to that role, he taught French at King’s and coached the boys’ varsity basketball team. For Global Online Academy, Matt teaches the Arabic Language through Culture course.







John Zebel-12 - John Zebell

John Zebell, Upper School Wellness and Student Support Coordinator and 9th Grade Dean of Students, Christ Church Episcopal School

John serves as Wellness and Student Support Coordinator and 9th Grade Dean of Students at Christ Church Episcopal School in Greenville, SC, and as Lead Teacher for Intro to Psychology and teacher of Social Psychology and Abnormal Psychology at Global Online Academy. His training in counseling and experience in education have contributed to his passion of finding ways to support students and teachers in their learning journeys. In each of his roles, John enjoys the challenge of designing fun, impactful, and purposeful learning experiences. He has a passion for learning, teaching, and supporting the growth of those around him. His favorite part of working with GOA is making meaningful connections with educators and students from around the world. There is always so much to learn and so much to share! Outside of school, John is husband to an ambitious and passionate OB/Gyn, father of four boys, cook, runner, and walker of Chloe the hound. Follow John @zebellpsych.