Amy Hollinger
Amy Hollinger is the Director of Professional Development at GOA. A proactive people-person with passion and a sense of purpose, Amy fearlessly leads the charge in creating and running GOA’s professional development program. Amy has 20 years of experience as a K-12 teacher and administrator, with a strong background in research including ten years working at the University of Florida's developmental research school. Connect with Amy on Twitter or LinkedIn.
Emily Hamlin
Emily Hamlin is an Instructional Designer at GOA. Organized and empathetic, Emily engages a thoughtful, creative approach to instructional design. Prior to GOA, Emily spent 7 years teaching studio art, most recently at the Rivers School, where she enjoyed serving on technology and student leadership task forces. Connect with Emily on Twitter or LinkedIn.
Eric Hudson
Eric Hudson is the Director of Teaching and Learning at GOA. His colleagues turn to Eric for even-keeled evaluation of a situation and solutions that account for many variables. Prior to GOA, Eric taught English at Kingswood Oxford and Buckingham Browne & Nichols Schools, where he spent seven years integrating technology into school classrooms. Connect with him on Twitter or LinkedIn.
Katrina O'Connor
Katrina O’Connor is an Instructional Coach and Senior Teacher at West Point Grey Academy in Vancouver, Canada, where she supports growth and integration of inquiry and other evidence-based teaching practices across intra- and interdisciplinary settings. Previously, Katrina was the English Department Head at St. George’s School, Vancouver, having returned to Canada after eight years of teaching and leading internationally in Thailand, the Caribbean and the U.K.
Lucas Ames
Lucas Ames is an Instructional Designer with Global Online Academy. He is aformer department chair and head cross country coach at the Flint Hill School, a world traveler, an entrepreneur, and an innovative educator, Lucas brings exactly the type of passion that makes GOA the innovative hub for our member schools and beyond. Connect with him on Twitter or LinkedIn.
Michael Nachbar
Michael Nachbar is the Executive Director of GOA. Clear in vision and generous of spirit, Michael’s approach to GOA starts with fostering strong, personal relationships between GOA students and their teachers. Michael exhibits a keen understanding of all aspects of school administration, along with a great deal of flexibility and ingenuity as he leads a consortium of diverse schools, each with its own culture and mission. Prior to GOA, Michael was middle school assistant director at Lakeside School in Seattle. Connect with him on Twitter or LinkedIn.
Susan Fine
Susan Fine is an Instructional Designer with GOA. She has a passion for developing programs, supporting teachers and thinking about education in new and innovative ways, Susan has worked in education for more than 25 years. Her last position in an independent school was as the English Department Chair at the Collegiate School in New York City. Connect with her on Twitter or LinkedIn.