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Organic Chemistry
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This course is designed with two goals in mind: one pragmatic, and one philosophical. Pragmatically it provides a few foundational blocks for further studies in the organic chemistry field, giving students a small window on future, more traditional organic courses. Philosophically it aims to open an infinite world of discovery of complex molecules, their properties and reactions and applications, that hold the keys to confronting and solving the world┬╣s most challenging, future scientific problems. The emphasis of the course is on stimulating interest in organic chemistry through an exploration of the molecules relevant to modern life. Students can use this course as a springboard for further learning, as the beginning of a longer journey.

NCAA-approved course, UC-approved course

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“ My favorite activity has been the molecule of the week discussions. I like researching the chemistry behind substances, but also the significance and cultural relevance because that adds a real-world component. ”
Student - Pembroke Hill School