Fall 2017 Courses

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coaching innovation

Join us for coached, collaborative, and connected professional learning this fall. We are offering the following four courses.

Don’t see what you need? We also offer personalized experiences through our Blended Learning Design Studio (BLDS) program and customized strategic partnerships. We work with schools and learning organizations to provide professional learning aligned to the school or organization’s vision and mission. Interested? Send us a note titled “professional learning” to hello@globalonlineacademy.org and we will respond right away.




Rethinking School: A Pop-up Course, a new and innovative learning experience for educators at your school or organization

Dates: October 6 through October 13
Member School Participant: FREE
Non-member School Participant: $150

In this pop-up course, you will immerse yourself in conversations around big ideas in rethinking the design and culture of modern schools, learn new concepts and ways of thinking around school change efforts, and learn from experts in the field on innovations in whole school design. Reimagine the future of education in your own classrooms and schools. Participants will join GOA’s platform to engage in a short, asynchronous week long course. Conversations in this course will be like having a water cooler conversation with school teachers and leaders around the globe. Learn more about our Rethinking School Pop-up course.



Intro to Blended Learning

Dates: September 22 through October 6
Member School Participant: $300
Non-member School Participant: $400

This two-week online course offers participants an opportunity to think about and discuss what it means to leverage online learning environments in teaching, how it works best for students, and what it can look like in their classrooms. Designed in the mode of GOA’s student courses, your class will be small (no more than 20 participants) to ensure strong connections and personal attention. You’ll be led by a GOA Learning Design Coach, an expert in blended learning who will provide you with support and feedback as you complete the course. This is an interactive course, and you will be expected to spend 4-6 hours a week on coursework as well as log into the course 4-6 times/week to engage with resources, participate in discussions, and complete learning activities. Learn more about our Intro to Blended Learning course.


Blending Leadership

Member School Participant: $600
Non-member School Participant: $700

Back by popular demand, this course sold out fast last year. Based on the recent book Blending Leadership and led by that book’s authors Stephen Valentine and Reshan Richards, this is a transformative learning experience — an opportunity to expand leadership capacity by building learning muscles to make learning-while-doing possible and probable for all participants as they move on in their careers. There is no greater meta-skill for the leader who wishes to remain agile and thus relevant to the unpredictable nature of the educational enterprise. Read a testimonial from Katrina O’Connor of West Point Grey Academy in Vancouver, Canada, who participated in our online course last fall. Learn more about our Blending Leadership course.


Coaching Innovation

Dates: October 13 through October 27
Member School Participant: $300
Non-member School Participant: $400

Professional learning (PL) should be meaningful, relevant, and spark growth. In our hectic school lives, meaningful PL is often limited by time, space, and resources. In this two-week course, you will explore the question: how might technology help to build sustainable communities of practice driven by collaboration, coaching, and connection? This course is for educators in any position at a school where faculty mentoring and leadership are part of your work (such as instructional coaches, department chairs, tech integrationists, and professional learning leaders). Learn more about our Coaching Innovation course.




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