Intro to Blended Learning


What is blended learning? How might it empower you and your students to learn in new ways?

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  • September 22 through October 6, 2017


  • For educators from GOA member schools: $300
  • For educators from non-member schools: $400

This two-week online course offers participants an opportunity to think about and discuss what it means to leverage online learning environments in teaching, how it works best for students, and what it can look like in their classrooms. Designed in the mode of GOA’s student courses, your class will be small (no more than 20 participants) to ensure strong connections and personal attention.

Goals of the course:

  • A clear understanding of the above definition of blended learning and its benefits for students.
  • A plan for how you might begin to integrate blended learning into your teaching.
  • Exposure to tools and environments that support effective blended learning.
  • Connections to a facilitator and colleagues from many different schools.
  • Empathy for the learner experience: you will experience firsthand how GOA designs courses for interaction and hands-on learning.

You’ll be led by a GOA facilitator, an expert in blended learning who will provide you with support and feedback as you complete the course. This is an interactive course, and you will be expected to spend 4-6 hours a week on coursework as well as log into the course 4-6 times/week to engage with resources, participate in discussions, and complete learning activities.

Click Here to Register for Introduction to Blended Learning!

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