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Lab Experience: Innovative Educators Connect
Course Overview

We devote extensive time to determining and acting on how students learn best, but how do we, their teachers, learn best? And how has our learning evolved with endless new means and resources for doing so? From conferences to Twitter, colleagues, blogs, books, and TEDtalks, we employ dozens of resources to keep learning both in our disciplines and the education field. Further, these resources and experiences take a rich variety of forms and media. This unique Global Learning Network will bring together thoughtful, curious, action-ready, forward-thinking educators to explore not only current topics and trends in education but also the formats and approaches that best enable such a network to thrive and to influence teachers’ professional development. Much as scientists conduct experiments in laboratories to make new discoveries, so too will we build a lab for discovering new possibilities for adult professional learning in the digital era.

Who you are: You are a teacher of any subject, at any grade level, interested in learning from others, following and thinking about current education trends and topics, and experimenting with new formats and endless possibilities for professional development.