Professional Learning


Whether you’re new to online environments or experienced with technology and eager to gain new skills, join GOA for professional learning experiences that will connect you to a global community of educators working together to reimagine the classroom.

“I get so excited when I hear educators talking about process and not product and sharing ways their students are authentically experiencing learning in the world. GOA is rich in transformative experiences. This is not a program that is about technology; it’s a program that is about relationships and tools for inspired learning.”

-Becky Green, Singapore American School


NEW: Blending Leadership 2-day Summer Seminar

July 23-25, 2017

A transformational learning experience for school leaders. Led by Reshan Richards and Stephen Valentine, authors of Blending Leadership, this seminar guides participants through the changing leadership landscape and develops key skills through project-based, collaborative work. Held at the beautiful Islandwood School on Bainbridge Island, WA, USA, this immersive experience will connect leaders to likeminded colleagues from many different schools. Learn more about Blending Leadership.

Summer Blended Learning Institute

July 23-28, 2017

The Blended Learning Institute is a unique online and in-person workshop for teams of educators looking for the time, space, and support to apply the latest thinking in blended learning to their classrooms. After completing a two-week online course on blended learning and design, participants will join GOA at the beautiful Islandwood School on Bainbridge Island, Washington, for five days of intensive learning. BLI participants spend 50% of their time in workshops designed to further their understanding of and practice with relevant strategies and technology, and 50% of their time working with a coach to shape a specific experience for their home school classroom. Learn more about the BLI.

Introduction to Blended Learning

June 16-30, 2017

This two-week online course (formerly known as OLE1) offers participants an opportunity to think about and discuss what it means to leverage online learning environments in their teaching, how it works best for students, and what it can look like in their classrooms. Participants will leave the course with a clear definition of blended learning, resources that support further inquiry, and a plan for how to begin implementing blended learning in their classrooms. Designed in the same format as GOA’s student courses, Introduction to Blended Learning sections are small (no more than 20 participants) and offer both asynchronous and synchronous opportunities for connection and conversation. Learn more about Introduction to Blended Learning

Blended Learning Design Studio

Oct 3-Dec 16, 2016

An online program that brings the best of our teacher training to all educators. BLDS is a hands-on experience where participants use GOA’s learning design strategies to create and test new ideas in their classrooms. Led by an expert coach, BLDS participants will discuss the latest thinking in learning and technology, tackle challenges that will help them reimagine their use of time and space in the classroom, and connect with a community of like-minded colleagues. Each 11-week BLDS session is flexible and personalized, allowing you to tailor the experience to your students’ needs and your professional goals. Learn more about BLDS.

Teach for GOA

Educators from GOA member schools are invited to apply for a position in our student program, a catalog of small (no more than 18 students) and highly interactive online courses. Teachers who join the GOA faculty receive more than 60 hours of specialized training, both online and in-person, are paired with a GOA instructional designer who serves as coach and mentor, and have the chance to work with students and colleagues from across our consortium. To learn more about teaching for GOA, take a look at our hiring page.