Blended Learning Design Studio


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For years, GOA has been training teachers in how to leverage online learning environments to empower their students to become modern learners. The explosion of technology and online spaces allows teachers and students to reimagine when, where, and how learning happens. But, tapping into this potential requires a thoughtful, intentional approach to design. GOA has captured our proven strategies for learning design in our Catalyst Cards, and we designed BLDS as an intensive online learning program for educators who are ready to tackle the challenge of applying these strategies to their current practice. 




When you join BLDS, you’ll gain a wealth of new experiences and resources: 

  • A box of Catalyst Cards that will be your toolkit for mastering the pedagogy of student-centered, interactive blended learning.
  • Practice with tools and techniques that you can use to implement your designs in your classroom.
  • A BLDS Coach, an expert in blended learning, who will support you and provide feedback as you tackle projects for your classroom.
  • Connections with colleagues. By using tools like Slack, Zoom, and Google Drive, you’ll be able to share ideas, provide feedback, and discuss current topics in online and blended learning.


  • Sessions are 12 weeks long and run Fall Semester and Spring Semester; specific calendars are coordinated in advance with a GOA Learning Design Coach


  • Are you a school interested in enrolling a team of ten or more educators? We can form a BLDS Team experience just for you! Contact us:


FAQ’s   *   Why BLDS? Why now?   *   Take a Tour