Coaching Innovation

Part I: July 7-21, 4-6 hours/week
Part II: October 13-27, 4-6 hours/week
Member School Participant: $600
Non-member School Participant: $800


Coaching is one of the most transformative forms of professional learning. A coach must navigate diverse terrain, drawing on content knowledge, communication, collaboration, and reflection – all before beginning a coaching relationship. This course, delivered in two 2-week phases (July and October), is for educators in any position at a school interested in building the coaching skills and practice needed to hone their craft – whether you are new to coaching or interested in expanding your practice. Our particular focus is on learning (Part I) and applying (Part II) coaching skills in the context of modern learning: how might technology support our work in building communities of practice at our schools?

Part I: Building your Coaching Practice (two weeks)

In Part 1, you will learn the skills needed to begin a coaching practice at your school using a combination of online spaces and in-person settings. You’ll explore different coaching models and learn the essential skills needed to engage in different coaching relationships (one-on-one coaching and team coaching). Participants will explore these core elements, engage in collaborative work with their GOA Coach and colleagues, and design an online space for coaching and professional learning on their campuses.

Part II: Putting your Skills into Play (two weeks)

In Part II, participants will be provided with the tools and support needed as they launch their coaching projects designed in Part I. By engaging in an actual coaching relationship, using both synchronous and asynchronous methods, participants will put the skills and community the developed in Part I, into play. Participants will provide evidence of their coaching project in real time, sharing it with their GOA Coach and colleagues for feedback and reflection.

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