Coaching Innovation

coaching innovation



Dates: October 13 through October 27
Member School Participant: $300
Non-member School Participant: $400

Professional learning (PL) should be meaningful, relevant, and spark growth. In our hectic school lives, meaningful PL is often limited by time, space, and resources. In this two-week course, you will explore the question: how might technology help to build sustainable communities of practice driven by collaboration, coaching, and connection? This course is for educators in any position at a school where faculty mentoring and leadership are part of your work (such as instructional coaches, department chairs, tech integrationists, and professional learning leaders).

In week 1, you will be in LEARNER mode exploring models of blended PL that foster collaboration through coaching and personalized, goal-driven learning. You will also become a coach yourself, practicing coaching conversations based on effective listening and questioning strategies. You will play with tech tools that GOA uses to coach and train faculty. And you will build your network connecting with other professional learning experts from all over the world.

In week 2, you will be in DESIGNER mode. With the support of a GOA coach and instructional designer, you will design an online space for coaching and/or professional learning modeled after a competency based approach to effective online professional learning. You will walk away with a fully created professional learning design to use immediately at your school!

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