Pop-up Courses

What is a pop-up course?

In October 2017, we offered our first ever week long professional learning pop-up course, Rethinking School. Anchored in a panel discussion featuring thought leaders throughout the field, this course filled quickly with over 200 participants from 49 schools and 9 countries. Read more about our first pop-up course, Rethinking School, below and also in our blog, 4 Takeaways for Rethinking School. Pop-up courses are always free for participants from GOA member schools. Not a member? Join us. GOA’s professional learning is always open to educators from public, charter, and independent schools.

Learning Now, a one week professional learning pop-up course


Stay tuned for additional pop-up courses.

Dates: February 26 through March 2, 2018; Registration closed.

Member School Participant: Free; Non-member School Participant: $150

Course Description:

What do we know now about learning that demands we change what we do in schools? In this one week pop-up course, we’ll explore the science of learning across a diverse array of fields, both inside the education sector and outside of it, that are impacting how we are learning now.

Participants will explore ideas about how we learn from multiple perspectives, explore curated materials, and learn from a panel of experts from the fields of learning science, social and emotional learning, and learning design about what is new in learning now – and what learning may look like in the future. 

Participants will dive into the latest research and ideas about the ways we learn now and evaluate how this new knowledge might strengthen approaches to the design of learning experiences in classrooms and schools. There will also be unique ways to connect with and learn from colleagues from other schools.

Explore new ideas inside and outside the field of education as we collectively learn about the ways we are all learning now. In this one week course, you’ll garner new insights, and leave with new ideas and tools for supporting students and your school based on the latest in learning science, social and emotional learning, design and more.

Time commitment:

The course is 5 days long. We anticipate 2-4 hours, however you could spend more based on how deep you want to go. Commit to learn about learning.

Course Goals:

  • Bring school leaders and teachers together to discuss current trends in learning science, social emotional learning, and innovation with a focus on how we are learning now
  • Introduce new approaches, ideas, and research about the ways we learn now to strengthen approaches to learning design
  • Coalesce a community of global faculty committed to supporting one another in the move toward modern learning

Course Objectives:

  • Evaluate new approaches and dynamic fields of study that are impacting how we are learning now
  • Analyze the latest research from learning science and consider how we might apply it to our own contexts, in our own classrooms and schools
  • Cultivate deeper connections with colleagues who are designing learning experiences and schools with an emphasis on modern learning

Panelists announced:

We are pleased to have the following people as part of a panel in the Learning Now course.

This course is sold out. Stay tuned for additional pop-up courses.

Rethinking School

In October 2017, GOA designed and facilitated our first professional learning pop up course, “Rethinking School.” Facilitated by a GOA learning design coach, this week-long course for educators focused on teaching and leading in modern schools.

The goals of the Rethinking School course were to coalesce school leaders and teachers around big ideas in rethinking the design and culture of modern schools; to introduce new concepts and ways of thinking around school change efforts and learn from, and hear from, innovative school models; and, to create a community of global faculty from around the world on modern learning and whole school design.

In this course, participants immersed themselves in conversations around big ideas in rethinking the design and culture of modern schools, learned new concepts and ways of thinking around school change efforts, and heard from experts in the field on innovations in whole school design. Participants joined GOA’s platform to engage in a short, asynchronous week long course. 

Thank you to our Rethinking School participants and panelists:

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