Rethinking School: A Pop Up Course

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This fall, join GOA for our first professional learning pop up course, “Rethinking School.”

Facilitated by a GOA learning design coach, this week-long course for educators will focus on teaching and leading in modern schools.


The goals of the Rethinking School course are:

  • to coalesce school leaders and teachers around big ideas in rethinking the design and culture of modern schools
  • to introduce new concepts and ways of thinking around school change efforts and learn from, and hear from, innovative school models
  • to join a community of global faculty from around the world on modern learning and whole school design

Dates: October 6 through October 13, 2017

Who: School teams including administrators, directors and educators

Cost: FREE for member schools. $150 for non-member school participants

The experience:

In this course, you will immerse yourself in conversations around big ideas in rethinking the design and culture of modern schools, learn new concepts and ways of thinking around school change efforts, and learn from experts in the field on innovations in whole school design. Reimagine the future of education in your own classrooms and schools. Participants will join GOA’s platform to engage in a short, asynchronous week long course. Conversations in this course will be like having a water cooler conversation with school teachers and leaders around the globe.

Time commitment:

The anticipated time commitment for participants is between 2 and 4 hours total for the entire week. We ask that all participants make a commitment to engage fully in the course and reflect and share with colleagues from other schools. The course will be facilitated by GOA learning design coaches. The course will culminate with a recorded 45 minute discussion with innovative independent school leaders who are rethinking schools to meet the challenges of the modern era. This discussion will be recorded and available for participants to watch asynchronously. 

We are thrilled to announce the panelists for Rethinking School. Moderated by GOA Executive Director Michael Nachbar with panelists from around the globe. The panelists are some of the most forward thinking school leaders who are literally in the midst of rethinking school, designing new school models and new platforms with teams of teachers and heads of school literally around the world.

The panelists are:

Sue Belcher, Head of School, The Downtown School: A Lakeside School

Dominic A. A. Randolph, Head of School, Riverdale Country School

Patricia Russell, Interim Executive Director, Mastery Transcript Consortium

*Jamie Steckart, Head of School, THINK Global School

[*Due to time zone and scheduling/travel, Jamie Steckart’s ideas and insights will be recorded as a separate chat between Jamie and Michael Nachbar on rethinking assessment.]

Cost: FREE for GOA member schools. $150 for non-member school participants. To register a group of 10 or more, email with the title “Rethinking School.” We’ll send you a form so you can have a team at your school in the course.