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Are you a school leader eager to help faculty use technology to rethink teaching and learning?

Are you a school leader wondering how to unify many exciting initiatives into a focused strategy for true innovation?

Are you seeking a platform and expert instructional design to take your program online?

Are you seeking ways to connect your faculty with innovators in education across the globe?

Are you a school leader interested in partnering with learning design coaches to work with your staff on mission-supported initiatives?


Global Online Academy (GOA) reimagines learning to enable students and teachers to thrive in a globally networked society. We partner with schools and organizations to foster and cultivate global, modern teaching and learning. We bring a deep understanding of transformational school change and high quality instructional design to every partnership.

At the core of our work is a pedagogical approach that puts students first and combines the best of high quality instructional design with modern learning. Our work with educators is based on what we have put in place every day in our student courses program, which we have offered to high school students around the world for the last seven years. 

What We Do

  • Through our online platform, we offer high quality learner experience in global, online courses for educators in a global community. 
  • Through our core, two year professional learning program, Blended Learning Design Studio (BLDS), we work with teams of educators to catalyze change and lead for innovation at their schools. Our approach to professional learning models the types of learning that is research supported and deeply connects educators to each other.
  • Through strategic partnerships and consulting services, we partner with schools and organizations to foster and cultivate global, modern teaching and learning. Our approach puts people first and technology second.
  • Through leadership consulting, we work with education leaders so that they can create learning environments that utilize the best practices of modern learning, empowering teachers to rethink classroom time and student engagement.
  • Through professional learning courses, we support the continued development of educators and staff to utilize technology to augment the overall learning experience of the student.
  • Through learning design coaching, we work with school-based teams to create experiential in person and online learning experiences. We model learning experiences with adults that we also seek for students.


For more on the types of work we do with our school partners, see:

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Check out our list of member schools here. (Some of our member schools also partner with us on specific and customized partnerships, including professional learning and leadership consulting).


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