The GOA Experience

The GOA experience connects you to a global network of people and resources. Students and teachers come from more than sixty of the best independent schools around the world. Just by taking a GOA class, you will meet and collaborate with people you might never otherwise know.

GOA courses are…

  • Interactive: You’ll log in multiple times a week to engage in discussions, collaborate on projects, and apply your knowledge in creative ways. No hours of video watching or test-taking here.
  • Challenging: Similar to a course at your home school, you’ll spend 5-7 hours a week working on your course. GOA courses are mostly asynchronous; you are not expected to show up at one place at one time every day. Instead, you’ll have to become proactive about managing your schedule, asking for help when you need it, and overcoming obstacles and solving problems on your own. You’ll be challenged to become a more independent learner.
  • Relevant: GOA courses give you a chance to explore topics you care about in a way that feels creative and engaging. We design courses so you have the opportunity to curate, create, and reflect on content that helps you understand course concepts in real-world contexts.
  • Communal: We cap our classes at 18 students so you can form strong relationships as you collaborate with both your teacher and peers.

Want to know more? Dive into our course catalog, take a tour of a some sample coursework, or ask yourself: Is GOA for You?


“ ...We must prepare our students for success online. In developing online courses, our teachers learn to integrate online tools into our mainstream classroom. ”
Ray Louie - Head-Royce School
“ This experience is one that I firmly believe is so important in creating a globally aware student who will eventually be working and dealing with people around the world. ”
Student - Noble & Greenough School
“ We are excited that our teachers who design and teach GOA courses will gain important professional development in the best uses of educational technology ”
Stephanie Lipkowitz - Albuquerque Academy