The GOA Student Experience

GOA students are modern learners.

The GOA experience connects you to a global network of people and resources. By taking a GOA course, you have a chance to explore a topic you’re passionate about, meet students and teachers you would never otherwise have a chance to meet, and learn how to use technology to connect and learn in new ways.

GOA courses are…

  • Globally Connected: Even though our courses are online, you will get to know your teacher and your classmates. Each of our classes has no more than 20 students from many different schools, led by an expert teacher from one of our member schools. You’ll log in multiple times a week to engage in discussions, collaborate on projects, and share your ideas. In addition to course topics, you’ll learn how to use technology to build relationships.
  • Challenging: GOA courses are designed to be as rigorous as any course at your home school. You’ll spend 5-7 hours a week on your course. GOA courses are mostly asynchronous: you don’t need to show up to your course on certain days at certain times. Instead, your teacher will publish a calendar of activities, and within that framework, you can work on your own schedule. You’ll gain important independent learning skills along the way!
  • Relevant: We want you to pursue your passions. Our courses are designed to give you practical, hands-on experience in how these ideas can be applied to the world outside of school. You’ll have voice and choice in the work you do and the ideas you explore.

Want to learn more?

Explore our course catalog. Read about the work GOA students do in Filmmaking, Poetry Writing, and our annual Catalyst Conference. Learn what Stanford University’s Dean of Undergraduate Admissions has to say about GOA. Or, click through the below slideshow to see if GOA is for you.



“ ...We must prepare our students for success online. In developing online courses, our teachers learn to integrate online tools into our mainstream classroom. ”
Ray Louie - Head-Royce School
“ This experience is one that I firmly believe is so important in creating a globally aware student who will eventually be working and dealing with people around the world. ”
Student - Noble & Greenough School
“ GOA allows students to get a better worldwide perspective by interacting with peers from all over the globe while also learning in a way that will be required of them in the future. ”
Lee Palmer - Sidwell Friends School