Teach with Global Online Academy

The foundation of GOA’s student program is our catalog of small, interactive online classes led by teachers from our member schools (view our course catalog). In each class, one teacher and a small group of students from around the world work together to leverage the internet to seek real-world applications of course content and concepts. Both teacher and students will make connections new and different from those made on a campus.

Who we are

We believe teachers are designers. Our faculty is highly engaged in a collaborative, hands-on training and design process that begins months in advance of the course start date. This is hard, inspiring work, and we provide our teachers with robust support, including the partnership of a GOA instructional designer. Our faculty report this professional development carries beyond the online space into their classrooms.

We hire for mindset, not skill-set. The most successful GOA teachers are not necessarily the tech-savviest or the most experienced. The most successful GOA teachers have a demonstrated passion for thinking differently about teaching and learning.

We are educators first. The GOA team has more than a century of combined teaching experience in independent and public schools, and we believe in the power of the relationships that can blossom in a vibrant classroom. Our mission is to recreate that spirit in the online learning environment.

Who you are

You love working with teachers and students. You experiment, you thrive on frequent and substantive feedback, and you believe in close collaboration. You are a great colleague. You have a great sense of humor. You seek new challenges, are creative and nimble in the face of obstacles, and embrace the exciting messiness of putting new ideas into action. You can’t wait to be part of a global community of educators.

Why you should join our faculty

Our faculty report the experience of teaching a GOA course is some of the best professional learning they’ve ever done. As a GOA teacher, you will gain more than 60 hours of training, both online and in-person, and the partnership of an instructional designer, who will provide the coaching, feedback, and support you need to design your course and work with your students. In addition, GOA’s course catalog is passion-based: our courses are designed to help students invest in ideas and content they care about, and you will have the chance to form relationships with these excited learners from around the world.

Applications for 2018-2019 teaching positions are now open!

We accept and review applications for teaching positions from November-February. Interviews, conducted via video call, begin in December and continue through the following year as our hiring needs evolve.

To view a detailed job description and submit an application, click here. Please note that GOA teaching positions are open to only those educators concurrently employed by a GOA member school.